Jennifer Watson

Macoupin County previously attempted to oversee all collection of outstanding fines internally within the State’s Attorney’s Office. Pay or Appear notices were sent to defendants, many of which were ‘mail returned’, but rarely did these court appearances result in meaningful payment of fines. The substantial investment in collective court time (i.e. Judge’s, State’s Attorney’s, Circuit Clerk’s, & staff) and back office time far outweighed the payments that resulted. We knew there was a better way. I entered into an agreement with CCP in February 2019 and the first 8 months of professional collections resulted in the recovery of over $187,000 dollars. We are all amazed at the amounts and the names that are on the weekly remittance reports from CCP. The Macoupin County State’s Attorney’s Office and the Circuit Clerk’s Office couldn’t be happier with the decision to partner with CCP!